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Mission #1 is better hearing health

Mission #1:  Beauport Hearing Care™ provides hearing aids, tinnitus care, hearing instrument repairs, services, and our signature coaching. We improve hearing and patient quality of life. In addition, we enable our patients to hear better in their social environments.  And we also promote community initiatives to conserve hearing and improve communication health. 

Join us!

David and Judi are our hearing coaches.
David and Judi Bergeron.
Mission: Hearing Aids and So Much More

The Beauport Hearing Care™ mission is far more than hearing aids.   Our Tinnitus Care Provider is the only specialist on the North Shore holding a certificate from the International Hearing Society.  We are your home base for highest quality hearing assistive technology. But we also provide services that help you understand what you hear.  In addition, we are an independent practice with low overhead. Thus, we can also meet your needs within your budget.

We are a hearing boutique.   So our products and services include things that may surprise and delight.   For example, qualified patients can get free caption telephones.  In addition, stream cell phone calls to your ears.  This means you can enjoy hands-free conversations.  Hear your calls in both ears!   Remote microphones are another popular item.  Stream a voice to your ears from across a noisy restaurant.   Having trouble hearing your television?  You can stream television audio directly to your hearing aids.  You can also hear your TV in high definition surround sound!   Are you finding hearing aids difficult to use?  No worries.  Our coaching helps patients learn to succeed.  And you cannot find our coaching services anywhere else!  Every Beauport Hearing Care™ patient gets help designed just for them!

Hearing Is Health

Treatment of hearing loss is clinically proven to improve health.  For example, your healthy brain is directly linked with your hearing.  Correct use of hearing aids helps brain function.  It's like exercise for the brain muscle.  And hearing aids also improve balance, even extend life!   Find links to the research about the Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss at our Hearing Partnership website.

Community Hearing Care

Hearing health care can be confusing.  Therefore, our mission promotes community hearing care.  As such, we provide free education programs.  Just ask.  Everyone should learn about better hearing health.  Beauport Hearing Care™ also provides free hearing screenings.

We are here to assist.  We can help within any budget. But we turn no one away in search of hearing well.  Anyone committed to hearing better will find a helping hand at Beauport Hearing Care™.


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