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Brain Fitness and Whole Hearing™

brain fitness
David Bergeron, MM, CHW
Brain Fitness Specialist

Brain Fitness matters to your hearing.  And hearing matters to your brain wellness.  Hearing is the doorway to the brain.

There is a very simple reason why.  Hearing happens in your ears and in your brain!  Therefore, Beauport Hearing Care takes a holistic approach.   We call it Whole Hearing™ Care.  

In addition to hearing testing and hearing aids, we also offer a number of products and services for brain wellness and hearing. Moreover, Whole Hearing™ integrates better hearing lifestyle opportunities and choices.

Scheduling an evaluation is your first step.

Brain Fitness Products & Services:  Whole Hearing™

In addition to services in our clinic, we also sponsor community Hearing and Brain Fitness Rallies and Fairs.  Finally, these programs are provided in partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, local businesses, organizations, and churches.  Come find out how much fun and easy it is to live a healthy hearing and brain fit lifestyle.  See our events calendar for upcoming community events.

Why a Whole Hearing™ Approach to Better Brain Fitness?

The Lancet Commission published a landmark study in 2017 on the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.   This study brought together the most prestigious group of brain scientists ever assembled.  Twenty-four of the world's most respected brain researchers all agreed.   Treating hearing loss in mid-life is a positive step anyone can take immediately.  But there's more.  In addition, researchers are finding that food, exercise, and socialization are all important to brain health.  Moreover, auditory processing is a brain function.  Therefore, hearing is crucial to your brain wellness.  Finally, your brain fitness is vital to your better hearing.

Visit our parent Hearing Partnership research page to learn the facts.

Highest Quality Brain Wellness Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements in combination with a healthy lifestyle may reverse early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. Therefore, we offer nutritional supplements that we use for our own brain wellness.  In addition, our best nutritional formulation includes 12 nutrients and herbs shown in published research to protect and enhance 8 different aspects of the brain. (Other brain-health products often only target 1 or 2). In addition, this formulation is especially blended to work in combination for greatest benefit.  This nutritional supplement:

  • Is the first in a drinkable formula; this allows for maximum absorption into the blood stream…and it tastes great!
  • Is the first and primary brain-health supplement endorsed by the American Brain Council.
PAY LESS / BUY LOCAL: Beauport Hearing Care™ offers nutritional supplements that you can trust.  But our discounted pricing is not available on-line.  You must visit or call to get our supplements.  Finally, we always recommend you consult with your medical doctor before taking nutritional supplements.

Hearing-Brain Fitness Evaluation and Care

In summary, we offer a number of brain health products and services.  Your first step is an evaluation.  Most importantly, our hearing and tinnitus care services are very beneficial to better brain wellness.  We know because our patients and their families regularly experience the proof in our clinic.  Finally, a healthy lifestyle together with quality nutritional supplements are beneficial to better hearing and brain fitness.

In conclusion, Beauport Hearing Care is far more than just hearing aids.  We are here to help with better brain fitness.  Contact us for more information.

Take Action for Your Hearing Brain Fitness

  • Schedule an evaluation today.  Learn where you stand. Discover your options.  Judge the benefit of treatment by your own experience!  Use the form below to request an appointment, or call 978-525-2300.
  • Attend one of our Hearing and Brain Fitness events to learn more, ask questions, and meet other people like you that are exploring what it means to live a better hearing and brain healthy lifestyle.

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