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About our Name: Beauport Hearing

What does our name Beauport Hearing mean? To our way of thinking, our name means beautiful hearing.  In fact, 'Beauport' is French for 'beautiful harbor' … This is the original name given to Gloucester Harbor in 1605 by the celebrated French explorer Samuel de Champlain – also known as the Father of Acadia.

Beauport Hearing is Beautiful Hearing

Beautiful hearing is a beautiful harbor!  This beautiful harbor is a place of security and refuge.  Moreover, it is safe from the stormy and perilous seas of not understanding what you hear.  Finally, we help you hear the beauty of the whole world around you. Hear the crickets and birds.  Also hear the chorus of sounds in the surf breaking on the beach. In as much as we help you understand speech, we also help you hear all the wonder again.  This is Beauport Hearing Care™.

Make an Appointment for a no-obligation hearing evaluation today.  Call (978) 525-2300 or complete the form below and we will contact you:

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