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Letter from the Founder

As founder and co-owner, I am dedicated to a new kind of community hearing care.

Welcome to Beauport Hearing Care™!

Beauport Hearing Care Specialist and Clinic Founder, Judi Bergeron, BC-HIS #8035, National Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

We are an independent practice.  And this independence is very important to our patients.  Why?

I became founder of our own practice for a very important reason.  I can provide the kind of care in which I truly believe.  Moreover, you simply will not find the Beauport Hearing quality at big box stores or retail chains.  Most of all, we make it fun!

Hearing is something to celebrate!  Happy patients are my proudest credential.  In fact, they are the reason I am in practice.   Therefore, I spend the time necessary for each patient to succeed.

Suspect a hearing problem?  Meet our Founder!

If you or a loved one has a hearing concern, let me show you the Beauport Hearing difference.  I begin with a complete no-obligation hearing evaluation. Then, I discuss your best options with you.  In conclusion, my goal is finding hearing solutions that work best for your lifestyle and need.

Protect your hearing!

It is very important to protect your good hearing. First of all, prevent hearing loss before it happens!  Most hearing loss is caused by loud sounds.  In addition, loud sounds gradually injure tiny hair cells inside your inner ear.  Then hearing loss begins.  And people begin to sound like they are mumbling.  But noise induced hearing loss is also 100% preventable.  Most of all, Beauport Hearing Care™ can help protect your healthy hearing.

Fishermen, musicians, artists, and technicians work around loud sounds.  Without proper protection, daily activity may be causing future hearing loss.  Moreover, many already have some hearing loss. In addition, untreated hearing loss impacts your health and economic well-being.  In conclusion, protect your hearing!

Don't let hearing loss lower your income

Professionals working in today’s economy need every advantage.  Therefore, correctly hearing what people are saying is essential.  Beauport Hearing Care™ can also help you keep your career edge.

Hearing loss impacts the health of millions

Hearing loss impacts nearly 50 million Americans!  Most hearing loss occurs very gradually.  Therefore, people slowly lose their ability to understand what other people are saying.  Furthermore, millions are unaware they have hearing loss.  In addition, they miss birds, crickets, and many soothing sounds of nature.  In conclusion, millions are missing little messages of love and affection.  We can help.

Beauport Hearing Care™ delivers!  Let us show you the Beauport Hearing Care™ difference.  Discover what everyone is talking about!

Yours in better hearing,
Judi Bergeron, BC-HIS, CDP
Co-Owner and Hearing Specialist

National Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
Certified Dementia Practitioner
Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate
Provider Member, American Tinnitus Association
Member, International Hearing Society
Member, Massachusetts Hearing Society