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WHOLE Hearing™ Personal Training

Hears to Life
Learn to hear again.

People that get new hearing aids begin an exciting adventure to hear again. WHOLE Hearing™ Personal Training shows how.  It's about living a Better Hearing Lifestyle.

It's like learning to drive your ears.

Let’s say you needed a car to get around.   You could spend anywhere from $500 on a rust bucket to $200,000 on a super luxury Maserati.  But what if you didn’t know how to drive?  Then the car would do you no good whatsoever.

WHOLE Hearing™ personal training is like learning to drive your hearing aids.  It is 'aural rehabilitation' at its best.  Moreover, our coaching and holistic services make us different.  We are leaders in aural rehabilitation.

Why is aural rehabilitation important?

Think of people that need a hip replacement.

The surgeon performs the operation to insert the prosthetic device.  The technology may be miraculous!  But the patient with a new hip doesn’t just walk out of the hospital.  In fact, the patient must go to rehabilitation.  It’s a process.  Some people need more rehabilitation than others.  Yet they still must learn how to walk again.  So, buying a hearing aid without treatment and rehabilitation to go with it is like buying a prosthetic hip replacement without physical therapy.

WHOLEHearing™ Coaching is ‘aural rehabilitation’ for people with new hearing aids.  We help our patients learn how to hear again.  Hearing aid technology is miraculous!  But Beauport Hearing Care™ provides much more than amazing hearing technology.  We spend the time you need to succeed.

Our signature WHOLEHearing™ approach is built into everything we do at Beauport Hearing Care™.  Coaching is a part of our process.  But some people need more help than others.  Therefore, we offer extra help when this is necessary.

Teach Your Brain to Hear Again

Many people with new hearing aids must re-train their brains to hear with them.  Also, some people need more time than others for their brains to adapt to the new sound.  In addition, there are many lifestyle choices we can make to improve how well our brains hear and listen.  Moreover,  read about all of our WHOLEHearing™ brain fitness program and services.   Finally, be patient with your self. Hearing aids improve communication with time and practice.

Patients new to hearing aids can also be overwhelmed by background noise. That's because their brains have forgotten how to process and sort out all the sounds.  We're 'hear' for you!  We guide you to your goal.

WHOLEHearing™ helps you hear the sounds you want to hear.  Finally, the goal is this, understanding what you hear.

Hear Again with WHOLEHearing™ Coaching

WHOLEHearing™ Coaching teaches you how to drive your ears.  Let us show you how to hear again.  Discover the joy and success of a Better Hearing Lifestyle! Visit our parent Hearing Partnership website to learn more.

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