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Beauport Hearing Care™ is a new kind of concierge holistic hearing. Moreover, we offer hearing testing, best custom-fit and standard hearing aids and hearing protection, tinnitus care, brain hearing wellness, and so much more…
Get Hearing Aids Fitted by An Experienced Board Certified Practitioner in Hearing Instrument Sciences!

We provide state-of-the-art hearing aids at lower costs. But our comprehensive services are second to none. Moreover, our signature WHOLE Hearing™ brain wellness and tinnitus care are the new buzz people are talking about – because it works! We help people understand what they hear. Hearing technology is often necessary. But Beauport Hearing Care™ is much more than hearing aids. Discover for yourself why our patients just love our coaching and unique services.

If you or someone you love has difficulty hearing, then come to Beauport Hearing Care™.
People that choose to improve their lives with better hearing can count on us. We’re ‘hear’ for you.


  • Hearing testing and evaluations
  • Hearing aid fittings integrated with ongoing aural rehabilitation
  • Digital hearing aids and wireless technology – stream phone calls and other audio in stereo to both of your ears
  • Custom-fit and standard ‘healthable’ hearing aids monitor health vitals, detect falls and automatically send alerts to loved ones
  • Hearing aid cleaning and repairs – all types of devices
  • WHOLE Hearing™ Coaching – your guided pathway to success
  • Home Visiting Services – your very own Personal Hearing Trainer extends hearing aid and aural rehabilitation services to the comfort of your own home – get the most ‘listening’ benefit from your hearing aids!
  • Worry-free warranties cover services, repairs, and free batteries
  • Hearing protection that is custom fit for anyone exposed to loud sounds
  • Tinnitus Activities Treatment (for ringing in the ear)- relief is here
  • Dementia Friendly Care
  • Health care system navigation – part of our concierge approach
    Community-based hearing education and services

We also personally depend on our hearing aids

We too use hearing aids. So we understand the challenges our patients face. Moreover, we share our personal successes in communication despite our hearing loss. Treatment brings many pleasures back to our life that untreated hearing loss takes away. Therefore, it’s not only about our hearing aids. We also invite our patients to join us in the magic of the adventure. Better hearing is well worth it. We love what we do!

More than hearing aids: We are leading in hearing health care

Finally, Beauport Hearing Care™ is a model Hearing Partnership™ practice with a team approach.  We guide each patient through their own unique adventure to hear better.  Also, read more about what makes us different in the Brain Wellness and WHOLEHearing sections.  Moreover, our community-focused team delivers stronger concierge services and personal hearing training (aural rehabilitation).  In addition, researchers in hearing health care are taking notice.  And Beauport Hearing Care™ is leading.  WHOLE Hearing™ sets us apart.  Our patients experience the difference that our coaching and concierge services make.

You can also find more information and links to research on our parent Hearing Partnership™ website. Visit us there to learn more about us and what we do.

Step into this charming traditional living room, greeted by David, who greets with a perpetual smile…and conversation. Coffee is poured into mugs with water bottles at the ready. After wondering if you’re in the right place, you’re greeted by David’s significant other, Judi. She thoughtfully leads you to a study where behind a desk the hearing booth makes its presence known. Okay, this is the right place. And right it is. Judi is as methodical as she is pleasant while sharing everything you ever wanted to know about ear physiology, hearing maturation and custom support devices. Exceptional service wraps the visit with the class of a velvet bow. As if B&B guests coming in from the chill for mugs of hot cocoa, you’ll look forward to making your return plans. To Judi and David, Thank you for the hospitality, care and wishing you much success.

Donna and Terry S

I have had severe hearing loss for over 25 years. Working with an audiologist at a major Boston hospital over several years, I tried two expensive hearing aids to no avail. Recently, Judi Bergeron at Beauport Hearing Care, fitted me. I am able to hear sounds I’ve missed hearing for years. I recommend her to anyone who has hearing problems, especially to others like myself who tried hearing aids in the past and found them to be ineffective.

Jean Ronco

“After many years of frustration and not understanding why my hearing was not working well for me, Beauport Hearing Care not only set me up with the right hearing aid, they gave me insight in education that made me understand why I have been having trouble. Thank you so much. Our city and this country need more family businesses like this that actually care about their clients and not just trying to sell them a product.”

Francis B

“My Dad had reached the point where he was excluded from conversations...he would only smile and nod, unable to follow. Finally, we convinced him to talk to Judi. The first thing she did was to take out one of her hearing aids. Dad was surprised. She was able to predict exactly what conditions he found difficult. Happily, she convinced him to get appropriate hearing aids and the whole experience was surprisingly easy. Judi explained it all with great patience, got him an aid that was just what he needed, no extra bells and whistles that he would never use, and gently helped him through the whole process. The best part-Dad was sitting in the car on the way home, windows rolled down, and he heard bird song for the first time in years. That night we actually had a long conversation. It was a pleasure to just chat. I highly recommend Beauport Hearing – we couldn't have had a better experience. Thanks, Judi and David.”

Jeff Stockman MD

“My wife and I want you both to know how useful your coaching suggestions have been to help us with “our” hearing issues. We put your suggestions to use the very next day with very satisfactory results. That little effort changes the conversational tone very nicely. I also appreciated the thorough cleaning of my hearing aids. That plus new batteries and a new plastic sound tube has made a definite improvement in my hearing.”

Jack Q

The professionalism, care I received, and improvement to my hearing experience far exceeded all expectations. I tell everyone about Beauport Hearing Care! My new hearing instruments have been so helpful to my life and my ability to hear and communicate.

Joe Ciolino

"The folks at Beauport Hearing Care made the whole experience easy, simple and very enjoyable. Hearing aids are essential for some of us and having a welcoming, knowledgeable, and local business like the one David and Judi own, which specializes in personal attention, means my aids are in good hands. You will not be disappointed if you use them to improve your hearing from whatever it is now to whatever it is technically possible to be.”

Cecile Christensen

“I have been watching TV for a couple of years with closed captioning to understand. I don’t know what Judi did, but since my visit I have turned off closed captioning and I am able to understand voices on my television and conversations across a room too. It’s amazing!”

John R

“I feel like I got my real hearing back with my new hearing aids from Beauport Hearing Care!”

Frances Mondello

These hearing aids are a blessing beyond compare. They are giving me goose bumps – they are so wonderful! Thank you!

Alice W

“My new hearing aids are so much clearer than my old hearing aids.”

Joan G

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