Letter from the Founder:

As clinic founder and co-owner, I am dedicated to a new kind of community hearing wellness. Welcome to Beauport Hearing Care™!

I have worn hearing aids for most of my life.  My husband and clinic Personal Hearing Trainer, David also relies on hearing aids to cope with hearing and tinnitus challenges.  Our personal experiences inspire our services and methods.  We empathize with our patients.

We are an independent practice. And this independence is very important to our patients. Why? It means our care is not limited or restricted by any Third Party.  We accept health insurance as long as it does not interfere with care.  And we have no contracts with manufacturers that impose sales quotas we must meet.  You just get what you need!

I became founder of our own practice so I can provide the kind of care in which I truly believe. Moreover, you simply will not find the Beauport Hearing quality at big box stores or retail chains. Most of all, we make it a quality-of-life Adventure!

Hearing is something to celebrate! Happy patients are my proudest credential. In fact, they are the reason I am in practice. I spend the time necessary for each patient to succeed.

Beauport Hearing Care Specialist and Clinic Founder, Judi Bergeron, BC-HIS #8035. Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Suspect a hearing problem?

Meet our Founder!

If you or a loved one has a hearing concern, let me show you the Beauport Hearing difference. I begin with a no-obligation hearing test and evaluation. Then, I discuss best options with you, based on your test results and lifestyle. In conclusion, my goal is finding hearing solutions that work best for your lifestyle and need.

Protect your good hearing!

Get protection now instead of hearing aids later!

Most hearing loss is caused by loud sounds. In other words – most hearing loss is preventable.

Visit a hearing professional annually to test and monitor your hearing.  Take action if hearing problems begin to show. In addition, loud sounds gradually injure tiny hair cells inside your inner ear. That is how most hearing loss begins. For example, when hearing loss begins, peoples’ voices begin to sound like they are mumbling. But noise induced hearing loss is also 100% preventable. Most of all, take action if you are at risk. Custom-fit ear plugs can help protect your healthy hearing. 

Construction workers, musicians, fishermen, dentists, hairdressers, and many others work around loud sounds., Daily activity may be causing future hearing loss. Many already have some hearing loss, but they do not realize it. In addition, untreated hearing loss impacts your health and economic well-being. In conclusion, protect your hearing!

Don’t let untreated hearing loss lower your income!

Anyone working in today’s economy needs every advantage. And correctly hearing what people are saying is essential for most jobs – and especially for safety on the job.  Better hearing not only helps promote your career edge – treating hearing loss early also means you are likely to earn more money too. Keep your career edge.

Hearing loss impacts the health of millions

Hearing loss impacts nearly 50 million Americans! Most hearing loss occurs very gradually. And people slowly lose their ability to understand over years and decades. Therefore, millions are unaware they even have hearing loss. In addition, they miss healing nature sounds like birds, crickets, and many soothing sounds. In conclusion, millions are missing little healing messages of love and affection. We can help.

Discover what everyone is talking about!
Yours in better hearing,
Judi Bergeron, BC-HIS, CDP
Co-Owner and Hearing Specialist

P.S. Come for a visit and ask me how to protect your brain from cognitive decline!

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