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Introducing Concierge Holistic Hearing

Concierge holistic hearing care means patients are accessing needed technology, hearing aid and rehabilitation services, and ongoing coaching to hear well in the ear and in the brain. Simply put, concierge holistic hearing equals better brain wellness! So, what is the difference?

What’s the holistic hearing test like?

The “holistic” hearing test is a highly consultative and educational process. Our Specialist, Judi Hodge Bergeron, board certified in hearing instrument sciences (BC-HIS #8035), recommends the most appropriate hearing technology based on clinical evaluation. Hearing aid fitting considers brain sensory perception. Since no scientific equipment can measure brain listening better than the patient, our Specialist starts with science to fit. But then she uses skill and art to adjust hearing aids according to patient perception. This is why professional hearing aid fitting is both science and art. And, this holistic ‘human’ approach can never be automated!

During the fitting process, the Specialist also provides personalized counseling and training. But it is difficult to remember unfamiliar information, and it can take time to build hearing aid skills. Therefore, after the initial fitting, our holistic approach becomes concierge in more than one way.

First, unlimited repeat office visits are included and encouraged to maintain hearing aid performance as well as to continue training. This is usually sufficient to achieve success! However, our concierge approach can go even further. We offer home visiting services for patients that choose this option. We call it our Personal Hearing Trainer Program. What does our home visiting Personal Hearing Trainer do?

Personal Hearing Trainer

Personal Hearing Trainer

Our visiting Personal Hearing Trainer provides in-home training for proper hearing aid handling, cleaning and care. Most people that stop using hearing aids do so for reasons that the professional can easily fix. Moreover, our Personal Hearing Trainer offers lifestyle coaching and strategies for family and caregivers to hear and communicate more easily in the home environment. Caregiver training is sometimes crucial for successful treatment outcomes. In addition, brain auditory re-training is included. The program we employ improves listening in noise by up to 30% in clinical trials – and our patients love it! In conclusion, our home hearing services promote more successful brain listening and improved cognitive functioning.

No matter what level of hearing services you may need, the first step is easy. Call 978-525-2300 to book your hearing test in beautiful Magnolia!  Leave the rest up to us.

We’re Concierge! Hear well.  Bee well.